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​“I would put this up with the adventure greats Preston & Child.”—Brian's Book Blog
 “The story has everything that I loved about the creature features I used to watch.”
—Horror Maiden
“Incredibly dynamic. Sullivan put a lot of thought into every twist and turn.”
—AudioBook Reviewer
“Fantastic story telling from a very gifted writer.”
— Wayne Stinnett, bestselling author

​​Bigfoot is real. That’s what Sarah’s father told her before his academic disgrace and untimely death. Now, primatologist Dr. Sarah Bishop is eager to restore her father’s good name. Survival show host Russ Cloud is just as eager to boost his plummeting ratings. They’ll both have a shot at redemption when they find themselves hired by eccentric billionaire Cameron Carson. After a series of his publicity stunts end in spectacular failure, Carson has a plan to redeem his tarnished image: capture a live Sasquatch.

Sarah and Russ join an expedition with an eclectic crew: an Afrikaner safari hunter, a ‘roided out former wrestling star, a Shoshone master tracker full of surprises, a heavily tattooed Russian warrior woman, a pair of wise-cracking nerds, and a cute gum-chewing intern with some hidden skills. Will they find Bigfoot?

There’s something in the woods… but it’s not what they’re expecting.

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Zombie Bigfoot

Born in East Tennessee, Nick Sullivan has spent most of his adult life as an actor in New York City, working in theater, television, film, and audiobooks. After recording hundreds of books over the last twenty years he decided to write his own.   Check out for reviews

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