Nick has been recording audiobooks since 1994 (starting on reel-to-reel) and has been listening to them even longer. He has narrated over four hundred fifty titles in nearly every genre.

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Awards: Audiofile EARPHONES AWARD for Fugitive Pigeon, The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep, Call me Ted, Testimony, A Land More Kind than Home, The Story of Charlotte's Web, Fives & Twenty-fives, The Witches of Lublin, Swordspoint, and Valley of Bones. Audie Finalist 2003 for Touch the Top of the World (Audio Editions), 2011 for Great Classic Science Fiction (Multi-cast, BBCAudio), 2013 for The Privilege of the Sword (Multi-cast. Audible, Inc./ Neil Gaiman Presents/ SueMedia), and 2015 (2 noms) for Fives and Twenty-fives (Fiction: Multi-cast. Audible, Inc.) and The Swords of Riverside (Audio Drama. Audible, Inc./ Neil Gaiman Presents/ SueMedia). Audie Winner 2013 for Swordspoint (Multi-cast. Audible, Inc./ Neil Gaiman Presents/ SueMedia) and 2019 for SPIN (Original Work. HarperAudio)


Featured on Neglected Books. “Within the first fifteen minutes, I knew that this recording of JR was a work of audiobook narration in a class of its own, a tour-de-force of interpretive skills that represents a real landmark in this medium.” William Gaddis’s JR, Neglected Books 2010

  • Library Journal's list of “Best Audiobooks of 2007”: Savages by Bill Pronzini  

  • Booklist's Top Ten Mystery Audiobooks: The Fugitive Pigeon by Donald Westlake  

  • Audiofile's 2010 list of the best audiobooks for Families and Kids Mr. Popper's Penguins by Florence & Richard Atwater  

VALLEY OF BONES by Michael Gruber 
”Interpreted by narrator Nick Sullivan, Gruber's novel is pitch-perfect throughout. Sullivan creates truly authentic voices for Paz (a Cuban-American), Emmylou (a rural Southerner), and all the other characters, incorporating emotions with just the right shading. Earphones Award AudioFile 2005 

”Sullivan's deadpan is dead-on, and if you listen to audiobooks in public, be aware that you may be subject to spontaneous fits of laughter.” AudioFile 2008

”All of the characters are New Yorkers of one stripe or another, and Nick Sullivan does an excellent job of placing them in one or another of the five boroughs. For a male narrator, he is also unusually good with female voices. His rhythm and pace reflect the fast action without exaggerating it.” AudioFile 2004

ILLUSIONS by Bill Pronzini
“Narrator Nick Sullivan is fantastic; each character is a unique individual. His female voices are particularly effective and enjoyable each time any of the women speak. African-American and ethnic characters are perfectly captured, as well. Each Pronzini book is an event, and Nick Sullivan as the reader adds fanfare and glitter to the interpretation.” AudioFile 1999.

SICK PUPPY by Carl Hiaasen
“Nick Sullivan's narration complements this hilarious plot, creating unique voices for each character that hit the mark exactly. Understanding that “timing is everything” in comedy, the narrator delivers the lines with perfect pacing.” Audiofile, 2001. 

BOOBYTRAP by Bill Pronzini
“Slipping effortlessly from one persona to another, Sullivan is particularly adept at suggesting both youth (a 14-year-old boy) and age (a woman in her 70's).” AudioFile. 1999