The Sulphur Mine of Saba

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Saba’s volcanic origins meant it possessed a healthy amount of sulphur, and in the late 19th century a sulphur mine was established. Sulphur was shipped down on a line to ships near the Green Island pinnacle. The mine changed hands many times… one owner committed suicide, cutting his own throat in a New York motel in 1881. Finally, in 1909, The Saba Sulphur Company was dissolved.

Situated below Lower Hell’s Gate, the mine was a curiosity to some hikers, although its winding, cramped passageways, stifling heat, and sulphurous fumes made it a fairly dangerous place to explore. A tourist went missing in 2006, and nearly a year later his mummified remains were discovered when a group of hikers had gotten lost in the mines, nearly succumbing to the fumes themselves after their flashlight died. Fortunately, one had a keychain light and they managed to find their way out, discovering the body on the way.

For a time, the mines were closed and parts of it were sealed off. Today, the Sulphur Mine is open to visitors, but most of it is blocked off. Even now, it is recommended you never go in alone. Click the photos below for a short slideshow of some mine photos.

A few more photos from my trip to Saba. See if you spot locations from "Deep Cut" !

The village of The Bottom, the capital of the Dutch island of Saba.

The village of The Bottom, the capital of the Dutch island of Saba.

Click the slide show for 8 photos.

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Deep Cut has landed!

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It’s been about a week since Deep Cut hit Amazon and Audible. I thought it might be fun to post some images from my 2018 trip to the Dutch island of Saba. You may recognize some of the locations! Our plane was delayed so we didn’t arrive until late afternoon. This installment is just our arrival and evening out at the Tipsy Goat bar. Photos are in a slideshow, so just click to advance.

"Deep Cut" and the Dutch island of Statia

Although Deep Cut spends most of it’s time on Saba, readers will enjoy a brief time on another favorite of mine, the tiny island of Statia… or “Sint Eustatius” if you’re feeling proper. Statia was the very first solo vacation I ever took, and it was there that I took my very first dives, with the Golden Rock Dive Center. It was ALSO in Statia that I spotted that striking “mountain in the water”, Saba, right across the way. I grabbed a puddle-jumper flight on WinAir and took my first trip to Saba during my Statian vacation (hey, that rhymes!) Together with Saint Martin, these three islands make up the SSS Islands of the Dutch Caribbean (as opposed to the ABC Islands: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.) Here are a few pics from my trips to “The Golden Rock”.

"Deep Cut" and the Dutch island of Saba

The month after I released Deep Shadow, I hopped on a plane with some longtime scuba buddies and jetted off to Saba. Well… “jetted” to Saint Martin, then “propellered” to Saba, landing on the famous airstrip, one of the shortest commercial airstrips in the Western Hemisphere. Saba has always fascinated me from the first time I visited it for a single day back in 1999. On this latest trip, I met with many wonderful people on this tiny mountain in the Caribbean Sea and learned a lot about the history (and legends), culture, and geography. We dove with Sea Saba, one of the most professional outfits I’ve come across. We toured the Sulphur Caves, climbed Mount Scenery, ate wonderful food… and by the end, I had a few ideas about where Deep Shadow’s sequel, Deep Cut, might take Boone and Emily. The book picks right up where the reader left them, at El Momo Cottages on Saba.