"Deep Cut" and the Dutch island of Statia

Although Deep Cut spends most of it’s time on Saba, readers will enjoy a brief time on another favorite of mine, the tiny island of Statia… or “Sint Eustatius” if you’re feeling proper. Statia was the very first solo vacation I ever took, and it was there that I took my very first dives, with the Golden Rock Dive Center. It was ALSO in Statia that I spotted that striking “mountain in the water”, Saba, right across the way. I grabbed a puddle-jumper flight on WinAir and took my first trip to Saba during my Statian vacation (hey, that rhymes!) Together with Saint Martin, these three islands make up the SSS Islands of the Dutch Caribbean (as opposed to the ABC Islands: Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.) Here are a few pics from my trips to “The Golden Rock”.