"Deep Cut" and the Dutch island of Saba

The month after I released Deep Shadow, I hopped on a plane with some longtime scuba buddies and jetted off to Saba. Well… “jetted” to Saint Martin, then “propellered” to Saba, landing on the famous airstrip, one of the shortest commercial airstrips in the Western Hemisphere. Saba has always fascinated me from the first time I visited it for a single day back in 1999. On this latest trip, I met with many wonderful people on this tiny mountain in the Caribbean Sea and learned a lot about the history (and legends), culture, and geography. We dove with Sea Saba, one of the most professional outfits I’ve come across. We toured the Sulphur Caves, climbed Mount Scenery, ate wonderful food… and by the end, I had a few ideas about where Deep Shadow’s sequel, Deep Cut, might take Boone and Emily. The book picks right up where the reader left them, at El Momo Cottages on Saba.